7/Eleven – A Convenient Workshop – Choreography Treatment – Couples


Come join us at 12 noon Saturday 7/11 for a fun Choreography and learning experience.

         Come join Kyle & Sarah as they teach you the art of choreography and its importance to the growth of our dance community. Let them help you push yourself through a series of patterns, techniques, footwork combinations and timing differences that can elevate your skills through repetition and discovery. This class will focus on the correlational between simple basics and the most extreme patterns and timings that make West Coast Swing one of the most musically versatile partner dances. The class will gradually increase in difficulty over the 2 1/2 hours, showing the development from its simplest phrased version to the final product that should push the most advanced of us. With your participation, you will receive access to a recorded version of the choreography to continue to practice and grow as you reach your limits in class. Designed to teach the most advanced dancer the basic structure of choreography,  while taking the most novice dancer on a journey, learning the potential of this amazing dance. So whether you are a newer dancer looking to grow your skills or an all star looking to experience something new to play with, this will be an experience not to be missed.

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