Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake

" The Journey"

Kyle Redd

It all started on the gorgeous island of Oahu,  Hawaii.  Born into a family of two United States Navy Chiefs, Kyle spent his childhood in San Diego, San Francisco, and Fresno, California. With half brothers & sisters in Texas. Kyle grew up an only child, excelling in football and any athletic sport that came his way.

Sarah Vann Drake  

On a sweet little country road, in the foothills of California, Sarah grew up with her younger brother close to the Yosemite National Park. Sarah’s Father worked in the city while her Mother held down the farm. Weekdays, after school, was all about cheerleading practice & music, while weekends were all about horseback riding & church on Sunday.

" When I Met You in the Summer"

Kyle & Sarah met the summer before high school as young teenagers in Clovis, California.  A new dance club opened up called “Just For Kicks”, designed for families to learn line & social partner dancing.  Every Saturday night was “teen night” and that’s where you could find these two on the dance floor!  From learning their first steps together in West Coast Swing to joining the junior country dance team, this was where their journey begins.

Kyle & Sarah became fast friends and soon started competing in the UCWDC Junior Division coached by Dave Getty, Sean Riley, and Robert Royston. Social and competitive line & partner dancing became their passion, causing them to quickly become one of youngest winning couples in the UCWDC adult divisions.


" Family Tradition"


The next summer, Kyle’s Grandma became ill and needed some help, so Kyle’s family headed to Texas.  While he was there he became introduced to many forms of swing dancing and training.  After competing in the young adult division with Marisa Wilson, coached by Robert Royston, he was invited to compete with champion dancer Beata Howe.  They won Showcase, and Kyle became the youngest person to hold a US Open Swing Dance Championship title at 18 years old. 


Continuing to train in California, Sarah was introduced to the amazing & never forgotten Jason Colacino, who became like a brother to her.  Under the training of Robert Royston & Laureen Baldovi, they competed together in their first US Open Swing Dance Championship in the young adult division, taking 3rd place in their first US Open competition.  After Sarah took a short break from competing, and then a short & sweet marriage, she became a Mother at 19 years old to her first amazing son, Carter Drake.

" Well Hello Stranger"

After almost 2 years of growing experiences in different parts of the country  while training & exploring West Coast Swing, these two couldn’t wait to share with each other! With a dream to become the first, full time traveling, International, West Coast Swing, World Champion Partnership! 

While training with some of the best coaches and experienced professionals they could find,  and a lot of hard work, they found success together!  At 20 years old, Kyle & Sarah choreographed & won their 1st World Championship US Open title together in the Showcase Division. Introducing modernized techniques to contemporary music, they began to create a large following across the world.  With a two year old and a thriving career, this determined partnership began to live out their dream, traveling the world performing, competing, and teaching West Coast Swing full time! 

From Paris to Seoul this couple began traveling 48 weekends a year teaching tens of thousands of dancers from multiple countries & continents in the world!  Winning more US Open, Grand National, NASDE, and World Championship titles, they were running fast & hard to keep up with the demand.  While balancing the relationship, parenting, and business, the pressure they withstood over the next 7 years was tremendous.  It was time for these two to take a break and ground themselves again.  While continuing to teach, compete, and travel, they took one year apart to reset and individually grow into the partnership they were destined to be!

" Reunited and It Feels So Good""

After the year of personal growth and individual accomplishments on the dance floor, these two were ready to take on the career they had worked so hard to build.  Re-charged and focused on the future, they began to take the lessons learned and apply them to creating a system of teaching that was adaptable to multiple styles, concepts, and theories! From dancing in feature films to competing on “Dance Fever” &  “Good Morning America”, this couple was sharing the new modern dance of West Coast Swing in every way they could! 

With the career in gear, love in the air, and a magical night in Paris, Kyle & Sarah were expecting a baby! While 5 months pregnant winning 2nd place in the Classic division, and taking home a World Title in the team division, they were ready to welcome their amazing son, Kyler Redd into the family!  With a career ready to roll and a family ready to support, Kyle & Sarah balanced the travel and family life on a whole new level!  While earning the award of “Routine of the Decade” and choreographing for the next & current generation of professionals, Sarah & her jr student, won the first US Open Pro-Am Division! 

" Hey, What if We Try"

As West Coast Swing grew and more countries around the world fell in love with the dance, Kyle & Sarah were traveling everywhere! With over 20 states, 15 countries, and 250,000 miles in the air a year, it was time to start looking even farther into the future. After years of working for events in the USA and helping to start events all over the world, it was time for their own project! With the partnership of John Kirkconnell from Vancouver, Canada, SwingCouver was born.  Becoming the first North American WSDC event to offer leveled learning from the top West Coast Swing Dancers in the WORLD! Bringing a whole new approach to the event world, SwingCouver is known for bringing new concepts while keeping the tradition of a fun and social atmosphere! 

 One of the best parts of every weekend is the Jack & Jill! The thrill of not knowing what partner you will draw or song you will have is epic.  The art of connecting with a partner and creating in the moment is the very essence of what Kyle & Sarah love about WCS! For over two decades they have shared the floor with many of the past, present, and future legends, while creating winning performances longer than any team in WCS history.

" Break a Leg"

The past few years have been quite the journey.  The day after an Easter Swing event, Sarah was on her way to care for a family member when her ankle, foot, leg, and heart was all broken in one moment.  Tripped by a busy traveler in the airport, her dance career flashed before her eyes.  With the help of the amazing network of swing dancers, Sarah was put in the hands of the best surgeon there is, specializing in saving athletes’ careers after major injuries.  After major surgery. some hardware, and a year of physical therapy, Sarah began to build her strength back and continue to compete and perform.

" Room for One More"

              From the first time becoming parents at 19 years old, to welcoming their second son at 30 years old, it had been 10 years since they had a baby.  There had always been this feeling that there was one more seat at the table, and Sarah had always wondered what having a daughter would be like, but life was too busy, and they just couldn’t see how there was time.  Little did they know, just as they were destined to a partnership, so was the arrival of their baby girl Savannah! 

" SwingTime into the Future"

      With all the amazing adventures and stories, life continues to be richer with West Coast Swing in it! Kyle & Sarah are continuing their journey and are thrilled to take on their newest project, SwingTime 2021! From traveling the world teaching and performing, running SwingCouver and SwingTime events, and now offering a new online learning platform, these two are continuing to push themselves to become the partnership they are destined to be. be continued....

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As a partnership, they have been teaching, competing, performing,
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