Kyle Redd
& Sarah Vann Drake

~5 time NASDE Champions~

~holders of 11 US Open Titles~

~8 time Grand National Champions~

As a partnership, they have been teaching, competing, performing, judging and choreographing all over the world for 25 years.

They are the only couple to hold a US Open Swing Dance Championship title in both the “Showcase” and “Classic” Divisions.

This innovative couple love what they do, and it shows every time they step on the floor.

They have performed 36+ West Coast Swing Routines all over the world and are constantly driving to evolve style while strengthening technique.

Kyle and Sarah are best known for their ability to teach their innovative style while preserving the fundamental roots of West Coast Swing. 

They are currently the top ranked Jack & Jill couple on the WSCD circuit. (Kyle – currently 1st ~ Sarah – currently 3rd)

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